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This Code of Conduct defines the key values we are guided by: we appreciate it and always play by the rules.

As the founder of, I am aware of social and ethical responsibility. We expect our employees to respect these values and to practice these established principles in their daily business. We also expect our suppliers and partners to comply with these standards.

Subsequently, the Imprint and the Data Protection Notice applies as well.

  • We respect internationally recognized human rights and support their observance

  • We oppose any form of discrimination. This applies in particular to discriminating employees due to race, ethnic origin and gender

  • We respect the right to free speech and the protection of personal rights and privacy

  • The protection of personal data in particular of employees, customers, and partners, is of particular importance to us

  • We rely on fair business practices, which we implement internally and externally

  • We condemn corruption and bribery and will not tolerate any actions that involve doing business by improper means

It should be noted, if you have any questions or suggestions related to our Code of Conduct: do not hesitate to contact us!