As you might already know, a lot of excellent engineering software is based on free and open-source solutions. For instance, a lot of Computer-Aided Engineering software (Computational Fluid Dynamics or Finite Elements Analysis). We appreciate this idea and support the strong growing engineering communities adequately. Therefore, wherever there is a gap, we simply create and promote new communities. See our list below, which is being updated every 2 weeks.

In 2020 a huge part of the population is Working From Home | So we do. And it seems, that online communities gain in importance for everyone. The Digital Transformation happens now. So, let’s become part of it!

Besides, you might be also interested in our comprehensive list with all engineering open-source tools.

Salome software portfolio for Facebook user group | black and white pipe hexahedral mesh

SALOME is an open-source software that provides a generic Pre- and Post-Processing platform for numerical simulation. It is based on an open and flexible architecture made of reusable components. SALOME is a cross-platform solution; distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license.

  • Fully automated open-source CAE simulation work-flows with Python
  • parametric 3D CAD with the Shaper module
  • tetrahedral and hexahedral meshing
Kitware open-source Paraview visualization software | white and black plots and tables

Without a doubt, one of the most powerful open-source multi-platform visualization software. It’s being developed by Kitware. In general, we at virengos.com use it primarily for; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) post-processing. Not only for 3D scenes and 2D plots but also for comprehensive number crunching with Python.

  • visualization of a multi-phase CFD simulation
  • separated CSV file creation for a transient simulation
  • isosurface visualization of q-criterion in VTK for post-processing
magnetic field visualization with open-source software ParaView from Kitware | black and white picture | text "virengos.com"

Everything about all other engineering open-source software. For example; 3D CAD, FEA or Mathematics & Physics.

Kitware open-source Paraview visualization software | white and black plots and tables

Unquestionably, that’s the right place to discuss all topics related to CFD simulation in the cloud. Both open-source and commercial solutions.

several business titles | shaking hands | black and white picture

The place to discuss innovative CAE business ideas, absolutely. Firstly, check the group description in advance.

simulation in the cloud on CAEplex platform | black and white bracket picture

Finite elements in the cloud.
A really easy web-based platform for performing thermo-mechanical analysis right from your browser, in this case.

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